12 ways you’re killing your relationship

  1. Your life is starting to revolve around your work
  2. You’ve stopped listening to your partner
  3. You’re no longer invested in your sex life
  4. You’ve stopped investing in your appearance and health
  5. You’ve stopped communicating
  6. You’re fighting for the sake of fighting
  7. You’re avoiding your partner
  8. You’ve been thinking (or moving) beyond your relationship
  9. You say hurtful things
  10. You’re not emotionally supportive
  11. You’re not willing to change things
  12. You think it’s always your partners fault

Do you want to change?

Acknowledge there’s an issue, start by communicating those issues calmly. Express your desire to change the status quo and start my tackling one thing at a time, change will come with time and patience.

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