Change your habits, change your life

Habits define who we are and how we behave. They are our internal programming that dictates the terms of our lives and how we perceive our environment, how we interact and how we live. As Bob Proctor says, “you are your habits, if you wish to change who you are then first change your habits. “

Who do you want to be? 

Make a conscious decision to commit to yourself. You are the habits you have, so do more of what you know you need to. If you read 10mins a day, after a while you’re going to become a reader, if you write 10mins a day, you’re going to become a writer. There’s no time like the present. Be more of who you want to be, and leave excuses for everyone else.

James Clear’s book ‘Atomic Habits’ discusses some great ideas. A note-worthy tip is “Habit Stacking”, add your new habit directly before or after a habit you already have. Make it easy for you to commit to the changes you want to see.

Empower yourself to change your paradigm, re-write your behaviour and find joy in the process. The compounded effect of your continued commitment will create your new paradigm. Unfortunately, there’s a flip side. The compounded effect of continuing the things you know don’t help you will only serve to increase your issues, self-loathing, regret or whatever your dark mind likes to feed on.

So, visualise the changes you want every day, see and really feel the differences that you’re trying to achieve, your mind is a powerful tool. Let yourself feel the success of the changes you’ve made you can start shifting your identity towards your new goals and the habits you’re creating.

Start small, focus on creating systems that support you.

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