5 ideas to take control of your emotions

  1. As Stephen Covey said “There’s a small space between stimulus and response, how you react is your choice” – Internalise this idea and say it to yourself when you are being stressed.
  2. Understand that the opinions of others do not matter, only what you think of yourself. If we let the opinions of others effect us, then we are giving them power over us.
  3. Realise that you are not perfect and that you will make mistakes. Choose to think of your mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning, then you will be able to let go of the pain of your regrets and rebuild your confidence.
  4. You are what you believe yourself to be. Believe that you are unworthy and you will be unworthy, believe that you are a strong, powerful and confident individual, feel it, act it and you will become it. Practice letting go of your self doubt and insecurities.
  5. Visualise your biggest fears and then visualise responding to those fears with acceptance, strength and confidence. Learn to face those fears in your mind, and you will make yourself expertly prepared to deal with that outcome, should it ever arise. Do this everyday until you are comfortable with it.

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