3 tips to stop your mind from fixating on negative thoughts

  1. Create a strong visual anchor in your mind, make it vivid, feel and experience it. This should be a thing, place or person, or any combination that makes you feel at peace and calm. Allow yourself the time to connect to this visualisation. – When you find your mind wondering to places you don’t want to go. Tell yourself “no”, and then take yourself to your anchor. Use this anchor to bring you to the present. This will help you from fixating and practice will make it stronger.
  2. Visualise yourself as a third person viewing your thoughts in a painting, on TV, or through some external form. When you can dissociate yourself from your thoughts you will realise that, YOU aren’t your thoughts. This process may be difficult to do, some people like to imagine themselves sitting in a large chair watching their thoughts on TV and analysing them, seeing them pass through their mind. You can imagine paintings of your thoughts, the ones that are negative, bin them and burn them. Watch the paintings burn and let yourself be released of their energy. Do what feels comfortable for you.
  3. Find a creative outlet, if your thoughts or anxiety or emotions are getting the better of you. Pour that energy somewhere else don’t let it sit inside and poison you, try painting, drawing, exercise, anything that allows you to transfer energy out.

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