Changing your perception; Finding opportunities in pain.

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Perceptions determine how you experience things. A bad breakup, a confrontation, criticism, a loss, or any life-changing event. If you can focus on changing your perspective, what you will find is that what you are looking at will also change.

It is within your power to choose how you experience anything in your life. 

You lost your job, your source of income and security. You can be upset and angry and let that fester. Or you can choose to recognise this as a new opportunity, suddenly you have time breathe, think and see the other paths in your life, now you have time to invest in your family and passions. Find a job that really suits who you are and satisfies you. This plays into the common saying “when one door closes, another one opens” as much as we know this, we also need to take initiative. Opportunities don’t always just fall in your lap, you need to create them. Put yourself out there.

Maybe your relationship is on the rocks or it has just fallen apart. Of course, you will be upset, maybe even angry, but to what end? To feel more pain? Change your perception of the situation, remove the victim from your mind and see the opportunities. What went wrong? How can you learn from this? Did I behave in some way that eroded the relationship? Great! The universe has given you time to be alone, take advantage now. Learn about yourself, focus on what you love, and focus on your personal growth and goals. Teach yourself how to heal and develop as a unique individual. Take the lessons from that relationship and improve upon them in the next one. However, be sure to take your time.

Loss of any kind will present you an opportunity for deep reflection. Life will challenge you, it will test you and ultimately it rests on you to learn how to overcome the obstacles in your life. Let these experiences build you up, not break you down. That is YOUR choice.

This isn’t a half glass full analogy, a positive attitude can only get you so far. It is about recognising that in every situation is opportunity and developing the sense to take control of the only thing you can, yourself.

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